September 19, 2011

The Port Authorities make their debut at WFTDA playoffs!


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“Lots of folks were focused on the Dutchland contrversy, but I didn’t want to lose sight of the good stuff we saw at this Eastern Regional playoff tournament… a) Maine. This team would have bouted a well-armed platoon of North Korean solidiers if WFTDA had asked them to do it. I think if they tighten up their play a bit more they can make life consistently difficult for Boston, Carolina, and Dutchland next year unless those teams raise their own games. They showed in that last Carolina bout that the derby chops are there for them to do better things in the future. I will be paying a lot more attention to Maine in 2012; they have a good thing going.” – post on Derby News Network.

photo by David Sacks Photography

The Port Authorities made their debut at the 2011 WFTDA East Region Playoffs. The team was first invited in 2009, but was forced to decline due to low participation (almost half the team retired). The team rallied over the next year to rebuild the team and move up in rank, but was denied the opportunity to compete in the 2010 playoffs when the PAs dropped to #11 in the eastern rankings. Though the team lost three more players, they continued to push ahead, scheduling more than ten bouts in the season to improve in skill and rank. Their hard work and discipline paid off when they were ranked #9 and received the invite to compete at the 2011 playoffs. Maine Roller Derby was proud to send the Port Authorities to represent and was not disappointed!


photo by David Sacks Photography


Port Authorities 117, Dutchland 198 | DNN’s Review

Port Authorities scrimmage Gotham after Dutchland forfeits! | DNN Announcement

A few comments from the post:

“Many thanks to Maine and Carolina for stepping in to take an extra half hour each. They are the heroes of the day, the two teams who were ready to step in when Gotham was looking for a game. They helped Gotham when Gotham wanted to play. To both teams, thank you for being great neighbors. Long after I’ve forgotten why there was a gap in the schedule I will continue to remember that Maine and Carolina were there to help.

I take great pride in being one of the loudest voices in roller derby. You can both count on me cheering for you whenever I see you. To Maine. To Carolina. To Roller Derby.”

“Maine is so lucky! What an outstanding opportunity and GOOD FOR THEM for taking it! I will be cheering my ass off for Maine.”

photo by GS Johnson

“I bet Maine would have loved the opportunity to play a team as fantastic as Gotham. I know Maine was hopeful to win vs. Dutchland SPECIFICALLY so they’d have the opportunity to play Gotham. They were excited about the idea of playing against such greats as Suzy Hotrod and Bonnie Thunders. Give Maine the chance. Wow. Shame on you Dutchland.”

“Kudos to Gotham, Maine and Carolina for taking that opportunity. Classy move. One of the best displays of sportswomanship I’ve seen in a while.”



Port Authorities 69, Boston 177 | DNN Review

“The first time Boston and Maine had faced off this year, Boston had to fight hard for a relatively narrow win at 113-84 in April. Things were quite different in this matchup, as Boston jumped into an early lead, broke into triple digits very early in the second half and was never threatened on their way to a big 177-69 win. Seemingly tireless Grim D. Mise was the only Maine jammer able to find consistent success against tight Boston defense.”



Port Authorities 172, Carolina 241 | DNN Review

“Maine managed to pace the Raleigh crew for the majority of the middle of the half, though, helped greatly by a powerjam for Grim D. Mise that got Maine an 18-0 over Holly Wanna Crackya.”