May 17, 2008

Port Authorities 87, CT Rollergirls 39

Ruth of All Evil

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Port Authorities Undefeated at Home! Maine 87, CT 39

Maine Roller Derby’s all-star Port Authorities played the final game of their spring season against CT Stepford Sabotage Saturday, May 17, and won 87-39. It was the fledgling league’s second consecutive undefeated home season.

Olive Spankins kicked off the bout for the Port Authorities, taking lead jammer and scoring four points against CT’s Pearl Jammer. The Sabotage quickly came back when Syd Rock took lead jammer in the second jam and scored the team’s first two points, while her teammate Eleanor Bruisevelt had a jammer take-down on Killer Quick. 

Killer Quick, the Port Authorities’ MVP for the second consecutive bout, called the fifth jam after using a maneuver similar to a hockey stop to just get her hips in front of the foremost Sabotage blocker to score the fourth point. Killer Quick used this move several times throughout the night. She played a clean game, only earning two minor penalties the entire night despite jamming 16 times and taking lead 9 of those times.

Similarly, the Sabotage’s super-speedy Pearl Jammer jammed 17 times for Sabotage and was only tagged with two minors.

The second period began at 30-9. Maine and CT would trade lead almost every other jam for the remainder of the second period, ending the period 60-27. The point-spread did not begin to reflect the nail-biter feel of the aggressive, fast-paced skating on the track.

The Sabotage were playing furious defense, but sometimes left their jammers to fend for themselves while the Authorities’ jammer was in the pack, allowing the Authorities’ solid-and-savvy defensive blockers, notably Punchy O’Guts, The Mom Bomb, Miss Creant, and Jones’N, to hold the skillful Sabotage jammers long enough to give their own jammers significant leads. The Sabotage were still able to break the pack and their quick jammers most often kept Maine from attempting second scoring passes.

Olive Spankins started the third period scoring four points in spite of having one of her blockers in the box and another being taken down by Connecticut’s Girl Fawkes. In the fifth jam, Syd Rock obtained lead status and scored three points with one of her blockers in the box. Although Pearl Jammer and Syd Rock were able to score 6 points for Connecticut over the last four jams, Killer Quick and Olive Spankins scored a total of 9 points in the same jams, ending the bout 87-39.

Black Cherry was named MVP for Connecticut – she had the highest offense and defense score as a blocker for her team, pivoting much of the night. In the one jam she played jammer, she obtained lead status for her team. 

High scorers for the night were Olive Spankins with 41 points and Syd Rock with 22 points. 

A huge thank you goes as always to our incredible fans, especially all the little kids asking for autographs – you are the coolest! And of course to DJ Matty T of WePushButtons for making us dance in our skates, to Lady Kensington & the Beatlords for playing great music, and last but far from least to CT and all the refs for making the whole thing possible.