May 3, 2008

Port Authorities 208, Long Island Roller Rebels 22

Ruth of All Evil

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The Port Authorities took an 8-0 lead in the first jam, and maintained the lead the entire night.

In the third jam, Amaretto Sour Puss was the first Long Island jammer to secure lead status. She scored the team’s first three points. Long Island would not get lead jammer again until the third jam of the second period, when Regine Bull beat Daisy Cutter off the line. During that jam, Captain Morgan – Long Island’s MVP for the night – took Daisy Cutter down twice. Long Island lost lead status, however, when Regine Bull was sent to the penalty box. 

The Port Authorities secured lead jammer status in 27 jams. Rough Gem, a substitute from the Hudson Valley Horrors, would help Long Island secure lead in the last jam of the second period, and first and fourth jams of the third period. 

The Port Authorities’ recent focus on teamwork showed and paid off for the team – especially the training for jams when teammates are in the penalty box. During the sixth jam of the second period, with Daisy Cutter and Miss Creant in the penalty box, blockers Lois Blow and Punchy O’Guts managed to help Olive Spankins score 10 points and keep the opposing jammer from scoring any points. 

Although Long Island was playing with substituted players, they were quick to form team spirit. In the second jam of the third period, Long Island showed great teamwork when Pinky Swears, Puffy Bangs, and Cyanide Kisses held jammer Olive Spankins until they were called out of play. In the fifth jam of that period, Amaretto Sour Puss and Naughtia Knives helped their jammer earn 4 points while Captain Morgan and D-Ball were in the box. 

Punchy O’Guts had five jammer take-downs for the Port Authorities; Captain Morgan had three jammer take-downs for Long Island. Top scoring jammer for the Port Authorities was Olive Spankins, scoring a total of 82 points. Long Island’s top scoring jammer was Rough Gem, scoring 10 points. 

Killer Quick, who jammed 11 times, racked up a total of 72 points for the Port Authorities and secured lead all but one time, was named MVP for Maine. Captain Morgan, a formidable defensive force throughout the night, was named MVP for Long Island.

A huge thanks goes to all the fans that came out and cheered their faces off, to The Rocket of WePushButtons for making us dance in our skates, to Edith Jones Project for being amazing and playing the roller derby song, and most of all to Long Island for making the trip and being wicked cool on the track and off.

Thanks also to the refs who traveled far and wide to call us out on our elbows and send us to the naughty box – Psycho Billy, Mr. Rawk, Snarls-in-Charge, Ian Fluenza and Fresh Eddie Fresh.