December 2, 2015

Our first ever Home Team Draft Night took place on Wednesday, December 2, 2015. Each new skater was given a gift to open, revealing a new uniform shirt for the team they have been placed on.
Followed by a home team scrimmage of The RIP Tides v. The Calamity Janes.

Friends and family were there to cheer on our new skaters on this big night!

Photos by Judy Beedle Photography.


These skaters were drafted to The Calamity Janes:

D. Tension #60min
Kill Any #812
GayGay #6
Meow’n Em Down #8915
Ruby Tripper #3
Vigil Annie Granny #199

These skaters were drafted to The RIP Tides:

Betty B. Tough #897
Cherry Clobber #350
Fear Kitty Kitty #327
Fizzygig #14
Rugburn #420
Shrink Wrap #518
T-Wrecks #9


Returning MRD Skaters Gaygay (left) and Cherry Clobber (right) get excited as they find out which home team they’ve been chosen for, as friends and family cheer on, behind.


Vigil Annie Granny giving a high five to her new Calamity Jane teammate Hard Dash.


The R.I.P. Tides come in for a team cheer with their new members before scrimmaging together.