November 20, 2015

Maine Roller Derby donated $1,640 to Preble Street: Thank you fans!

Hard Dash

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Maine Roller Derby donated $1,640 to Preble Street after a very successful Thanks For Giving bout. The large donation — in addition to some clothing — was all possible because of roller derby fans who donated. Thank you, fans!

Fans purchased points for their favorite team for $1. At one point the RIP Tides (sponsored by Falmouth Veterinary Hospital) who were behind by 20 points suddenly pulled ahead by a whopping 200 points over the Calamity Janes (sponsored by Cyndi Lou, a local tattoo artist at Tsunami Tattoo) because of fan donations! Audience members also purchased reverse-direction play, they donated to play their favorite skater in the jammer position and for $20 skaters had to have a dance party on the track.

Maine Roller Derby’s newest skaters, the “fresh muscle” will skate on Dec. 19 at Happy Wheels. One of them, Fear Kitty Kitty, helped by collecting donations at the Thanks-For-Giving game.

“Our fans are incredibly giving people. I could not believe how generous everyone was!” Fear said. “A lot of their generosity was out of the kindness of their hearts, obviously, but it was very clear that they were having so much fun influencing the game and really enjoying the sport of roller derby and connecting with our skaters.”

Fear will skate at the next bout, Saturday. Dec. 19.

“This bout was so much fun. We’re thankful our fans helped us raise more than $1,600 for Preble Street,” said Kirsten Damned, the captain of the RIP Tides. “All our other bouts are so so competitive, but this is the one bout a year where we let the fans bend the rules for charity and it’s pure fun. Even when people pay to put me in the penalty box, I’m smiling because I know (for once!) that my 30 seconds of punishment is meaningful and making a difference in someone’s life. It’s the least we can do.”

The RIP Tides won the bout 563 to the Janes’ 472.

“Preble Street is grateful to Maine Roller Derby for choosing Preble Street as the beneficiary of this fun and exciting fundraiser,” said Jaime McLeod of Preble Street. “The money raised will not only help us meet some of the most urgent needs in Maine, but also to advocate for and empower our most vulnerable neighbors. We couldn’t make a difference for so many lives across the state without the support of our community.”

Huge thanks to Falmouth Veterinary Hospital and Cyndi Lou who made this bout possible by sponsoring the RIP Tides (aka Team Purrrfect) and the Calamity Janes (aka Team Rogue Wave).