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NEXT TRYOUT DATE: Summer 2018!

If you are interested in joining MRD in other ways, or want to learn more about the tryout process, gear, and things you can do to prepare for our next intake, continue reading below! Or, send us an email at Skaters from other leagues interested in transferring into MRD should email our Head of Training at

 Joining Maine Roller Derby

derbyskateclubWe had an amazing New Recruit Night in June 2017, and welcomed many talented new women to our league! Until next tryouts, get your skating legs at Derby Skate Club! What? Yeah, Derby Skate Club, and it’s led by retired skater & former MRD trainer Olive Spankins. Several other skaters from MRD train and lead classes with Derby Skate Club! Derby Skate Club (formally called Derby Lite) has been training up-and-coming skaters in Portland since 2012. DSC is a modified contact fitness skating program offering roller skating and roller derby inspired workouts for fun and fitness to women age 18 and older. Classes run year-round at Happy Wheels Skate Center in Portland. For more information, go the Derby Skate Club Facebook page or contact Olive at


We’re a diverse group of women of various ages and backgrounds. We are athletes and businesswomen who work constantly to promote and advance our sport and our league. We’re tough as hell on the track, but we’re also some of the nicest girls around. Talk to us, ask us questions about anything. If there’s one thing we love to do, it’s talk about derby.


All of our skaters must be 18+ and female*.

Be ready to fall in love. As some wise rollergirls have said, derby isn’t just a sport, it’s a religion. As an MRD skater you will train hard and get in the best shape of your life. Suddenly you’ll be talking all about trucks and bearings and jams and blocking. You will participate in fundraisers and make appearances at public events. You’ll meet skaters from other leagues in New England and across the country… and you’ll be doing it all with the most badass women in Maine.

*Please note that MRD has an inclusive gender policy and will not differentiate between members who identify as female and those who identify as a non-binary gender (including but not limited to genderqueer, transmasculine, transfeminine, and agender).


Being a member of Maine Roller Derby requires a significant time commitment. Practices, meetings, bouts, promotional events and committee work are expected from every member. But all are fun and worth every minute! We have two to three scheduled practices per week and there are attendance requirements for participation.


The biggest expense to joining derby is the equipment, but we’re happy to loan you our old gear while you learn. All skaters are required to pay $40 monthly for dues which pays for our rink time. Supplemental health insurance is required for approximately $70 per year, and we very highly suggest you carry primary health insurance. We train to be strong athletes who can avoid injury, but as with any sport some injuries do occur.


In order to skate with us, you need at minimum: quad speed skates (no inlines!), indoor wheels, and protective padding. Padding requirements are knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, mouth guard and a helmet. All equipment is required for all practices. Check out our New Skater Buying Guide for detailed information about gear and places to purchase equipment or go to Turn Two Skate Shop, a local derby shop owned and operated by local skater Kissy Kicks!


Our practice schedule is available via our Google Calendar. If you are interested in viewing a practice, please contact



We always need volunteers, especially referees and non-skating officials. Officials can be male or female but must be 18 or older. If you’re interested in officiating for MRD, please contact our Head of Officiating for more information.

Other ways to volunteer are as a statistician, announcer, mascot, EMT, flyer promoter or creative designer. Statisticians can be any age and will be taught how to keep stats. You don’t need any previous experience! In fact, we’ll school you on announcing or mascotting or anything else you want to learn in order to join our league!

Artists are always welcome and encouraged to submit designs for MRD merchandise. Please send artwork submissions to