1-Day Officiating Clinic

May 21, 2017

1-Day Officiating Clinic

May 21, 2017


The Portland Expo

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Maine Roller Derby is proud to present a spring officiating clinic for roller derby officials of all skill levels at the historic Portland Expo.

We have gathered top-notch instructors who will share their expertise and experiences with you. You will learn and perfect new skills, and maybe add a little sparkle to the things you are already doing well.

The clinic will start with group instruction and discussion on topics of concern for all officials. Then, skating and non-skating officials will separate to focus on their areas of expertise. Finally, the group will come together to put their newly developed skills to the test in a scrimmage.

More details…. Maine Roller Derby is pleased to offer a one-day clinic for officials! This is geared towards officials of many levels; if you’ve been involved with roller derby for a few months or a few years, this might be the event for you. We have gathered a solid group of highly experienced officials to share their knowledge of the sport, how it is played and how it should be officiated. We will focus on vocal projection when giving verbal cues or issuing penalties, getting into the best position to see and hear things on the track, how to improve communication with your peers, and how to document things in a clear and concise manner. We will discuss several issues that the roller derby community is facing, including recruiting efforts, training opportunities, and retention of volunteers. We will be focusing on the nuances of the rules published by the WFTDA in February 2017 and putting them into practice with a scrimmage designed to challenge us all.

Not interested in officiating? Why don’t you come skate in the scrimmage? We need scrimmage-eligible skaters to battle it out and challenge us. The scrimmage will be longer than most, you are looking at two hours of playtime. The first portion of our scrimmage section will be focused on scenario work and is meant to challenge our officials. As scrimmage progresses we will move away from scenarios and let you battle it out.

Tickets are available now!

The cost of admission is $40 for officials, $10 for skaters wanting to participate in the scrimmage. Check out our early bird specials…

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