Zeldangerous #7

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Date Joined: September 17, 2012


Doctor Laser was wrong. Creating a robot modeled after the famous video game princess was not a good idea. Just like in the games, they had a tendency to get kidnapped. One Robot Zelda was not enough. He needed an army of them if he was going to take over the city and strike down CMNDR Hurricane once and for all. He wanted to watch the world burn, and built an army of RoboZeldas for just that.


The battle was gruesome, and many of the robots were destroyed. CMNDR Hurricane’s WNDRBolts made quick work of the machines. The worst casualty came when RoboZelda Prime, the orignal creation, was kidnapped by CMNDR Hurricane and reprogrammed – she had no memory of Doctor Laser and what he stood for.


Deep in his workshop, Doctor Laser attempted to create a second Queen RoboZelda by reprogramming a surviving robot. His plan backfired during a storm. CMNDR Hurricane made it rain – the lighting striking twice directly into this RoboZelda. It was an invasion – CMNDR Hurricane came away victorious with yet another RoboZelda stolen from Doctor Laser. But CMDNR Hurricane’s hostile takeover was not without incident – this second “Queen” refused to reprogram, no matter how many calibrations and adjustments he made.


It was game over for Doctor Laser, and now for CMNDR Hurricane – this robot had gone rogue. She is armed and dangerous and stronger than before. Supercharged and prepared for any battle, CMNDR Hurricane and Doctor Laser are teaming up to take down the threat codenamed: Zeldangerous.


What derby position(s) do you play?

Jammer, pivot, blocker. Favorite: jamming!

League position(s) held?

Current: Fresh Meat Leadership, Web Team
Past: Creative Department Head

Favorite Derby Accomplishment(s) / Proudest Moment?

Going with the Calamity Janes to the All 8 Tournament every year, and winning MVP Blocker in 2013 Championship bout! Beating QMC with the RIPs by 3 points in the last jam, in 2013. We were down by 30 points with 2 blockers starting in the box and we made it happen. Also coaching the Casco Bay Gentlemen’s Derby as they won their first ever bout versus PVRD Dirty Dozen. So proud of them!!! So proud to skate with Team Maine Roller Derby, and be a part of their first ever wins as a team, at State Wars 2015. We beat New York, Alabama, and Massachusetts, with a nailbiter-of-a-game against Missouri. So proud of my team!

When did you join MRD?

Fall 2012

What I do off-skates? (hobbies, job, etc)

My other most favorite sport is volleyball. I coached the Lake Region Girls Volleyball team from 2011-2014, and still compete in local MSVBA tournaments and with my PortSports beach and indoor team (shout-out to the Pine State Pounders!). I also enjoy geeking out with video & board games. In real life I am Senior Technical Services Support Specialist for an application called Munis with the company Tyler Technologies.

Favorite post-practice snack?

A nice cold glass of chocolate milk!

Favorite trick on skates

360s. Pegassists with Hard Dash.

Most Likely to ___________.

be wearing something ORANGE!

Anything else you want on here?

I am definitely a dog person – sorry to all my cat-loving friends! I just don’t get them. I grew up in Rhode Island and came to Maine for college, stayed forever since!

My derby name was almost ________.


What is your sports/skating background?

I played volleyball all throughout high school, and NCAA D3-level in college – primarily Libero and OH, but I have actually played all positions! I rollerbladed often growing up – never tried quads until January 2012 when I started with Derby Lite.

Do you have a pre-bout ritual?

I usually try to keep calm and minimize stimulation – typically earplugs or close my eyes somewhere for 5-10 minutes. Then I like to be around my team as much as possible leading up to bout time.

If you had your own theme song, what would it be?

Definitely “The Legend of Zelda Theme (Zedd Remix)” by BlinkZieMuZic! Listen for the drop!

What MRD team(s) do you play on?

2015-Current: Travel Team, R.I.P. Tides guest skater
Past: RIP Tides Coach (2015-2016), Calamity Janes (2014), RIP Tides (2013, Captain)

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