Wrexzilla #510

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Date Joined: November 30, 2012


  • As dawn arose over the junkyard, WrexZilla rubs her eyes. Another day in the hood she says to herself. WrexZilla was ready to break free from the walls of this South Compton trash heap. Just as she was ready to climb the wall of washers, dryers, and dilapidated dish washers, in skated #43 Ms. Olive Spankins. She sized up WrexZilla and than began her speech.
  • My darling sweet Wrexzilla,
  • I have seen you dance to the “Thrilla”
  • Although you don’t know your mom and dad,
  • They are quite rad
  • They have sent me here
  • For you and Britney Spears.
  • You look ready for derby action,
  • Like your parents Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Jackson
  • So say you will you will join thee,
  • And the likes of MRD

  • Wrex paused for a moment to contemplate this offer, and looked to Ms. Spankins and said, “I will come with you fo’ sho’ but there is one small thing I request. You must leave Britney in Cali, you see, cause there is room for only one home wrecker and that is ME!”
  • Olive agreed and they skated off to Maine, so Wrex-in-effex could begin to train.