The Rehabiliskater #0 Tolerance

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Date Joined: June 1, 2007


re.ha.bil.i.skate v. 1. to restore a person to normal life by training, after a period of illness or imprisonment BY MOVING VERY FAST ON 8 WHEELS.

League Positions Held

Vice Chair, current. Member of Safety Committee, Grievance & Mediation Team, Promotional Events Committee, Community Outreach Committee.  Head of Events & Community Outreach Aug 2009-March 2011. Calamity Janes captain 2013.

What derby position(s) do you play? (or your favorite)

Pivot, especially when there is a star pass!

Favorite Derby Accomplishment(s) / Proudest Moment?

Captaining the Janes to silver medals at All 8 in 2013


MVP for Team Water, Roller Consolation 2009, MVP for Team 4-Eyes, ECE 2010

League member since:

June 2007

What I do off-skates? (hobbies, job, etc)

Dance like a banshee, fix broken people

Favorite post-practice snack?

Beef Jerky

My derby name was almost ________.

Rita MyHips

What is your sports/skating background?

Skating since age 5

Do you have a pre-bout ritual?

It is a secret one…


Current: The R.I.P. Tides (has played on all MRD teams and is currently on the travel roster)

Past: Calamity Janes, Captain Fall 2010; R.I.P.Tides

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