T-Wrecks #9

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Date Joined: November 2, 2015


What derby position(s) do you play?

Blocker, aspiring blammer

League position(s) held?

Sponsorship/development committee

Favorite Derby Accomplishment(s) / Proudest Moment?

Making the travel team right after completing Fresh Muscle

When did you join MRD?

July 2015

What I do off-skates? (hobbies, job, etc)

Endurance races, hiking, backpacking. All of this in support of my life’s goal of trying every flavor of Ben & Jerry’s. Run to eat, you know? I work at a middle school where you can frequently find me teaching while in full derby gear.

Most Likely to ___________.

forget deodorant (sorry)

How did you first find roller derby?

When I lived in France a friend kidnapped me for the weekend and surprised me with tickets to a derby tournament. It was a good thing I enjoyed it; she had already signed me up for the team!

What is your sports/skating background?

Cheer captain in high school. Rugby captain in college. Triathlete.

Do you have a pre-bout ritual?

I always listen/aggressively dance in the mirror to the Sum 41 remix of Ludacris’ “Get Back.”

If you had your own theme song, what would it be?

“Flawless” by Beyonce

What MRD team(s) do you play on?

R.I.P. Tides, Travel Team