Stargazer Lily #3

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Date Joined: January 1, 1970


Start date with the league: Tried out in November of 2009. Began playing January 4, 2010

Positions held on league with dates: Flyer Wrangler, Fall 2010-Present

Team(s): Calamity Janes

Position(s) on track: Jammer/Blocker

Position: Wherever I am needed
Occupation: Elementary teacher and a single mom of 2 great kids
Favorite foods: Chocolate, ice cream, and lobster
Favorite activities: Playing with my kids, scrapbooking, playing air hockey, watching t.v., and of course skating with MRD
Things that bug me: Sllloooow drivers, not being the best I can be at something, when someone says they don’t want anything when I go to the store and then they proceed to eat whatever I buy. Hey, I am all for sharing, but man, if you wanted an ice cream then you shouldah gotten your own freakin’ one!