Slammin’ T Jammin’ #17

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Date Joined: July 10, 2017


What MRD team do you play on?

Calamity Janes

What derby positions do you play? (Or your favorite?)

Jammer is my favorite but I’m learning to love blocking, too.

Favorite Derby Accomplishment / Proudest Moment?

Getting through tryouts and accepted into MRD.

What I do off-skates?

Wedding and portrait photographer and future realtor.

Favorite post-practice snack?


Favorite trick on skates

I did a 360 jump once… That was pretty cool.

Most Likely to ___________.

Use my forearms. Ha!

What is your sports/skating background?

I grew up playing softball because I wanted to play a sport that didn’t require running. I in-line skated as a kid for fun in the neighborhood and finally got back on skates 9 months before trying out for MRD.

Do you have a pre-bout ritual?

EAT ALL THE FOOD. Also? Listen to Bad Reputation by Joan Jett on repeat.

If you had your own theme song, what would it be?

Oh man, I have no idea. Related to derby I’d probably say Me Too by Meghan Trainor… I’d like to think I’m a badass while skating.

Anything else?

You can find me in the old port dressed as a t-rex on Sunday afternoons when it’s warm out!