Shirley B. Slammin’ #365

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Date Joined: November 30, 2012


  • League Member since: Oct 2008
  • League Position(s) held:League Mediator
  • Team: Port Authorities, Calamity Janes
  • Coach of the Port Authorities
  • Position: Blocker / Jammer
  • Achievements: MVP of Wicked vs Good 2009, Best Booty Block 2010
  • Born and raised in the shadows of Mount Katahdin, Shirley B. spent many a day running rapids on makeshift rafts, rolling down mountains in potato barrels, and riding moose along old logging roads in the unnamed territories of Northern Maine. She learned early how to navigate hard lines, take hard hits, and live in harmony with all that is wild. A naturally trained roller girl, sheʼs slamminʼ 365 days of the year. However, every four years when February 29th comes around Shirley does take the extra day to knit, bake, and play cribbage.