Sheila Blige #24/7

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Date Joined: January 1, 2011


Hers was no life of luxury, but Sheila Blige 24/7 reveled in a hard-fought freedom. With a mighty axe and cabin in the trees, Sheila worked the land beside her rugged mountain man, flanked by pet squirrel Oakie and lean, mean terrier machine, Milo. Hunting, trapping, and fishing, the measure of a good day’s work was tallied by the ounces of sweat they could wring from their flannel shirts. In spare time, she was a gun for hire, a rebel vigilante with a cause, packing steel and hard edges on the street. “If you pay me enough,” she winked at the sheriff,” I’ll bring in your man with enough kick left in him to make your job fun.” She guffawed at the world’s largest roller coasters and tamed the bulls in Spain. But complacency and boredom felt like a girdle and she became itchy in her chaps to try something new and dangerous. I need a challenge, she thought, as she stared down the Bull Moose about to topple an apple cart in her yard.  “Nice rack,” she roared, as she grabbed the massive antlers and deftly leapt onto the moose’s back…

Sheila’s city buddy, Pippi Wrongstockings, suggested she try out for a leisure sport, like football or roller derby. “Look,” Pippi exclaimed, “these women know how to play. It’s gritty, it’s rough, it’s complex and hot and larger than life – just like you!” And the rest, my friend, is nothin’ but history. Her skates hang off the antlers of bull the moose when not attached to her feet, and she eagerly awaits each new bruise she inflicts upon, or inherits from, her opponents on the track: On the flat track, with a passion and a vengeance, Sheila Blige 24/7.

Favorite Quotes

“Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning, the devil says, “OH CRAP, SHE’S UP!

“Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before” by Mae West.