Ruby Tripper #3

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Date Joined: November 2, 2015


What derby position(s) do you play?


League position(s) held? (past and/or present)

Fresh Muscle

Favorite Derby Accomplishment(s) / Proudest Moment?

That one time in scrimmage where I had the realization that I was in position to hit the opposing jammer out of bounds and then did it!

When did you join MRD?

Summer 2015

What I do off-skates? (hobbies, job, etc)

Chemist in a Food Microbiology laboratory and Chemistry Instructor. Hobbies include working out, skiing, paddle boarding, reading

Favorite post-practice snack?

What’s for dinner? I don’t usually eat before practice so I’m starving afterward.

Favorite trick on skates

No real tricks yet but watch out when I get ’em.

Most Likely to ___________.

Trip myself before anyone else.

My derby name was almost ________.

Mad Madam Mim

What is your sports/skating background?

I neither skated nor played sports before Derby Lite.

Do you have a pre-bout ritual?

Does getting really nervous qualify as a “ritual”?

If you had your own theme song, what would it be?

The Wicked Witch’s theme from the Wizard of Oz

What MRD team do you play on?

The Calamity Janes