Mae Snap #Any 2nd

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Date Joined: August 1, 2009


  • Start date with the league: August 2009
  • Team: Calamity Janes
  • Positions on track: Blocker, Aspiring Pivot
  • Achievements: Most +/- Meat Grinder 2010, Most Shutouts Meat Grinder 2010
  • Born into a traveling family of vaudevillians, Mae began a performance career at a young age. When she wasn’t hoofing it onstage in her tap shoes, she would don a pair of roller skates and cruise the audience as a cigarette girl. As a teenager, Mae began to show signs of schizophrenia and her unpredictable behavior quickly became cause for her family to ban Mae from the show. Left at the side of the road with little more than her skates, she decided to roll north. Stopping at many New England towns to entertain on the streets, Mae only found real acceptance when she reached Portland, Maine, where a rowdy group of equally-dysfunctional gals from Maine Roller Derby decided to channel and fine-tune Mae Snap’s unpredictable aggression.
  • Note: Still struggles with inadvertent time-stepping and compulsive cannibalism.
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