Jones N #42

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Date Joined: January 22, 2018


The details of Jones N’s life are difficult to relate. She personifies the definition of a “double-edged sword.” We see her, firstly, as a humble human, so selfless that it makes Mother Teresa weep. In contrast to her martyr-like personae, she is a cut-throat roller derby player that betrays nothing while sneakily maneuvering around even the toughest of derby queens. She is a ruthless, cunning, harpy (on the track) and will surprise you every time. Her poker face is so sweet and lovely that it will deceive you. Be aware! Be awake! Don’t take Jones N. for granted because she will do you wrong… but only on the track. Her “off the track life” has gifted her many things. She has loving friends, a healthy activity regime and beautiful art to fill the cultural void.