Jacked Rabbit #.22

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Date Joined: December 2, 2012


Jammer, Blocker 

Birthday- let’s skip formalities. i’m aquarius

Occupation- registered killing machine (i work out)

Favourite Song- Hall and Oates, “Maneater”

Movie- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Position- what’s yours? (in the rink OF COURSE)

Likes- beer, skating like its 1984, kicking ass, sunbathing, being in charge 

Our story starts in a small village by the sea where jacked rabbit became revered in her adolescence by hanging out at roller rinks beating up the prissy girls there to pick up guys (most of the guys too). In her more formative years, she became blessed by bush’s inability to abolish all rights from people, and was named a registered killing machine by several precincts in the thirteen original colonies. This brings us up to date; pairing the two biggest loves of her life. Skating, and ass kicking. (she has another love, but the author needs to keep this PG-13.) (I must give big props to the girl who created this bio for me, Smit, my unofficial Derby Wife).