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Date Joined: September 1, 2010


  • Start date with the league: September 2010
  • Favorite Song: BRAINS!! by Voltaire
  • Favorite Color: Gray-matter
  • Favorite Drink: Zomb…. I generally prefer beer.
  • Likes: The supple curves of a large cranium, the skull splitting sound of a good whistle, good snug helmets helping to protect all those delectable ripening derby minds and bunny slippers.
  • Dislikes: Airheads (aka the brainless), hits to the head (don’t damage the crop before harvest time!), Country music (the bane of all undead) and Paladins.
  • Once a mildish mannered derby fan, Deadw8 met a Grim D. Mise, due to a Killer Quick, Punchy ‘O Guts and a Lois Blow by a Luntif at a Sanctuary Tattoo party. Little known to most the D-Virus (Derby Virus) had already seeped deep into his bones and would not let Deadw8 rest in peace. The virus fueled the reanimation of his shambling corpse but stripped him of all memory of his past life and replaced it with the hunger for the derby knowledge possessed by the living. It was Iron Matron who first stumbled upon Deadw8 and the Foul Plague that followed him. Seeing the spark in his undead eyes and witnessing the insatiable hunger for derby she quickly corralled him into the zebra pen. Now all tremble and adjust their helmet straps a little tighter when they hear the tweet of his unholy whistle.