Daisy Cutter #82

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Date Joined: September 1, 2006


Daisy Cutter began her sojourn in life as one of two girls, in a household of four brothers possessing Herculean strength. Her “tough as nails” nature was developed through rough and tumble sparring and many games of full contact hide-and-go-seek . As a young lady, Daisy Cutter enjoyed the solitude of the Tetons and Rendezvous mountains of Jackson, Wyoming. In this quiet landscape of big hills, she nurtured the strength she had attained by growing up in a household of five siblings who didn’t know what it meant when Daisy said “uncle!” Once Miss Cutter was sated by the wild abandon that mountain activity offered, she ventured out to find an expression for her Amazonian abilities. This is when Roller Derby entered her life. The Denver Derby Dolls, in Colorado, was where Daisy Cutter started to explore Roller Derby, or as she calls it, “her calling in life.” The year was 2006 and she has been skating ever since. During her free time, Daisy Cutter likes to spend time on the finer things in life…riding in knee high powder, surfing, and talking smack!