Crazy Buchanan #20

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Date Joined: August 1, 2010


  • League member since: Aug 2010
  • Team: Calamity Janes, Port Authorities
  • Position(s): jammer, blocker
  • As a young debutante, Crazy enjoyed a carefree existence filled with parties, booze, jazz, and flaunting her disdain for ladylike behavior.  Emotionally volatile and drawn to calamity, Crazy was known throughout speakeasies as a fast girl who “smashed things up.”  But after being implicated in both a speed-related crash and a torrid affair with the great Jay Gatsby, Crazy hiked up her bloomers motored away, leaving no forwarding address.  These days, it’s rumored that Crazy has found a thoroughly modern outlet for her speedy tendencies, bouts of insanity, and propensity to smash things up among the gals of Maine Roller Derby.
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