Coach Bomb

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Date Joined: June 1, 2006


League Volunteer: June 2006-Dec 2010

Served as a referee, Head Ref, League Coach and Coach of the Port Authorities

When his wife, The Mom Bomb, left him stranded on the road with their young child and said, “I’m leaving you for Roller Derby” Dr. Bomb knew what he had to do.

Join Maine Roller Derby or be a single father of a two year old. Anyone who has small child knows the choice was an obvious one.

After leading the stripes as Head Referee, he realized it was fun enforcing rules. In fact, refreshing, since his wife never listened to him.

Living in the same house with Captain of the Port Authorities, Co-Captain Miss Creant and the now four year old Bomber, Dr. Bomb was highly outnumbered when it came to giving his opinion and trying to establish order.

“I know, I will become Coach and make them think about strategy, suicides and endurance training,” he declared with a laugh.

He barely hears the names the girls call him when he screams out, “Back! Belly! Squat! Stand!”

Clearly, this bio was written by his wife.