Chlauraform #272

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Date Joined: July 10, 2017


What MRD team do you play on?

R.I.P. Tides

What derby positions do you play?


League position held?


Favorite Derby Accomplishment / Proudest Moment?

Most improved freshie skater. I was cool at the time, but I ugly cried later.

What I do off-skates?

Engineering, podcasts, video games. I have a lot of houseplants, my goal is to covert my apartment into a jungle.

My derby name was almost ________.

Peachy Mean

What is your sports/skating background?

OK runner, the slowest swimmer.

If you had your own theme song, what would it be?

Lizzo – Water Me; Radwimps – Dream Lantern; Makeup & Vanity Set – Julia