Cary Zawhistle

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Date Joined: January 3, 2017


League position(s) held? (past and/or present)

Current: BOD Member-at-large

Favorite Derby Accomplishment(s) / Proudest Moment?

Getting back on skates after many…many…MANY years.

Any other derby accomplishments you’re proud of?

Joining the derby community is one of the best decision I’ve ever made.

When did you join MRD?

May 2016.  I was with Central Maine Derby for a year before that, when I was living in the Bangor area.

What I do off-skates? (hobbies, job, etc)

For work, I am a Multimedia Training Specialist for a large company.  For hobbies, I like to act, direct, perform improv comedy, walk, and hike.

Favorite trick on skates

Staying upright

What is your sports/skating background?

I spent many Saturdays at the skating rink as a teenager, but that was a long time ago.  I played men’s league softball for 5-6 years, but that’s about it.  Derby is the first sport I’ve been excited about in a long time.