Alice Saltya #240

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Date Joined: January 11, 2010


League Member Since: January 2010

Team: Calamity Janes

Position: Jammer/Blocker

League Job: merch assistant

Achievements: nominated: “Best Rookie” 2010

Likes: intensity, focus and finding your edge

Dislikes: complaining and excuses

Motto: Do it faster and harder

Quote:  “Adversity is a stimulus.” – James Broughton

Bored with her mundane and humdrum life, one day Alice met a talking White Rabbit and chased it down a deep rabbit hole. At the bottom, far beneath the ground, she was surprised to find a curious hall with many locked doors of all sizes. Nearby was a small key to a small door that lead to a beautiful flat track. Too big to fit through, she cried a river of tears. Luckily for her, longtime members of Calamity Janes and Port Authorities floated toward her, and taught her hitting and blocking so she could smash through the tiny door and begin a long journey of discovery of the wonders of MRD. At this point she has no plans to wake up.

photo by Brianne Seekins